The School of Magical Animals is coming to the cinemas

One of the most anticipated movies! Finally Carlsen’s bestselling series is coming to the screens in Germany in autumn 2021! Check out this amazing trailer: The charming live-action adventure with CGI animated animals about an unusual school, where the children receive a […]

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Alea Aquarius – Oetinger’s bestselling series 10+

ALEA AQUARIUS – 6 titlesby Tanja Stewner and illustrations Claudia CarlsA different kind of mermaid story – no fairytale, but dealing with the current issues of water pollution and climate change! An ancient, magical civilization exists underwater, long forgotten by us ordinary humans. […]

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The Little US

The Little Us is a hugely successful picture book series by Carlsen Verlag and a perfect addition to your book shelves in the current climate. The Little US at Home is the third title in this series written and illustrated by Daniela […]

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U-NO-CORN and other stories by bestselling author Marc-Uwe Kling

THE UNICORN THAT LOVED SAYING NOThe new picture book by Marc-Uwe Kling, illustrated by Astrid Henn! Everyone in the Hearty Forrest is overwhelmed with joy when a cute little unicorn sees the light of day. But this unicorn is unlike any other. […]

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Escape Room – come in and check it out!

Lockdown – we have all been there! Trying to entertain the kids, keeping sanity, creating a fun environment! Not that easy, but luckily Oetinger, under their new imprint migo, just published the first family book that transforms your own four walls into […]

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Are you afraid of spiders?

Are you afraid of spiders? Or do you love them? Anyhow, this is your book. Funny, with great illustrations, some action and many facts about the world of spiders! “Argggg, a Spider!” by Nina Dulleck You’ve heard someone shriek like that before, […]

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BCBF Global Rights Exchange

tibooks is taking part in the Bologna Global Rights Exchange. If you are also ‘attending’ have a look at my profile and some of the highlights from my publishers this Spring/Summer! In case you are not participating, please get in touch and […]

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