BIG NEWS for The Little Bad Book by Magnus Myst

I am pleased to announce that Ueberreuter have sold a quarter of a Million copies of their successful interactive series „Little Bad Book“ (8+) by Magnus Myst. And Vol. 3 is currently on the SPIEGEL-Bestseller-list (like the other two have been before […]

Interactive adventure for young heroes!

Magnus Myst’s Little Book of Bad. This is Ueberreuter’s bestselling book, they have already sold almost 40,000 copies, it made it on the Spiegle Bestseller List and it is recommended as top-title especially for Boys (8+). We don’t know the identity of the author, Magnus Myst. Somehow he […]

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One of my new favourites – I’m a Tiger

I’M A TIGER by Michael Engler, Joelle Tourlonias A little boy, well, tiger actually, describes one normal tiger-day: Waking up in his nest, hunting down some cake, playing in the snow. He is as wild and majestic as you can imagine. But […]

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Raising Parents

My daughter just celebrated her first birthday – a perfect time to introduce you to a new picture book by Ueberreuter Verlag: RAISING PARENTS by Katharina Grossmann-Hensel Everyone knows that parents aren’t perfect! So when a child first learns to talk, it’s time […]

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For Your Eyes Only

We got a fantastic new YA title from Ueberreuter which got a lot of attention over the last few weeks. FOR YOUR EYES ONLY by Carolin Philipps (14+, 144pp) SEXTING and its impact on current social media. Encourages an awareness for sharing […]

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Rules of Secrecy

A new highlight by Ueberreuter Verlag in Germany! RULES OF SECRECY by Tino Schroedl An exciting, mysterious and fast paced thriller about a secret club in the tone of Dead Poet’s Society. A thrilling time begins for Phil after Mona – who […]

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One of my personal favourites!

ELEFANTASTIC by Michael Engler/Joelle Tourlonias A fantastic picture books with impressive pictures by a young, in-demand illustrator! Imagination and reality blend together in expressive images. Have a look yourself! A big parcel arrives – how exciting! Anton carefully opens the wrapping and discovers a talking […]

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