Update on our all time favourite middle grade series THE OAT CREW

We now have incredible 14 volumes in this series, it is still selling strong, with over 800,000 copies sold across all formats in Germany! We translated the full first volume into English, have several friendship/doodle albums, a puzzle, audio books and more! […]

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The ponies are loose!

As every year Frankfurt has been crazy busy, interesting, exciting and full with lovely people! I will soon present some highlights here, but first of all some big news: Magellan Verlag launched a mini trailer for their incredible successful series ‘DIE HAFERHORDE‘ […]

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The ponies have gone wild!

DIE HAFERHORDE / THE OAT FLOCK by Suza Kolb is a fantastic new middle grade series from Magellan Verlag. The first two titles have been published this spring with huge success in Germany and internationally, and two further titles are following this […]

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