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New Cornelia Funke!!!


FABER’S TREASURE – a new picture book by Cornelia Funke and illustrated by Susanne Goehlich

One day, Faber’s grandfather, who used to be a sailor and whom everybody believes to be a bit crazy, gives him a strange present before leaving for his retirement in the US. He gives him a carpet, a magic carpet. Faber only has to read the words out loud which are embroidered on the carpet and it will take him wherever he would like to. There is just one problem: nobody seems to be able to read the words – until Faber meets a girl from Syria who is able to help. She reads the words aloud and suddenly the carpet lifts off and the children fly away on it.

A declaration of love to the diversity of our world! Get in touch for further details!

Happy Nikolaustag!

Every year on the 6th of December children in Germany celebrate Nikolaustag (well at our house the adults do as well). Children leave one nicely cleaned shoe outside their room in the evening of the 5th and the next morning they find loads and loads of chocolates, clementines, walnuts and if they are lucky a small present as well. If they have been naughty during the year, they only find some wooden sticks which Knecht Ruprecht has left for them to teach them a lesson (never happened to me by the way ;)).

It is the perfect day to introduce you to some of Magellan’s Christmas treasures:


TEDDY CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS by Ulrike Fischer and Tina Schulte

Lovely illustrated and heart warming Christmas story. (board book)

To be a true Christmas teddy – that’s what Teddy the cuddle bear wishes for. But what does a true Christmas teddy actually need to be dressed properly? Right: a beanie, a scarf, gloves, and warm socks are essentials! But where will Teddy get all these things in time to be a true Christmas teddy on Christmas Eve?



AN UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS GUEST by Annette Amrhein and Sabine Straub

A lovely Christmas story about finding friends in unexpected places.

The bear has been so busy preparing for hibernation that he even forgot to go to sleep. However, he is overjoyed: For the first time ever, he’ll be able to celebrate Christmas! He wants to host a great party for the inhabitants of the forest and immediately sets out to write invitations, make decorations and get a tree. Unfortunately, the other animals are afraid of him and when Christmas Eve arrives, he is waiting in vain for his guests – or is he?

Let me know if you would like further information!

Happy Nikolaustag!


One of my new favourites – I’m a Tiger

I’M A TIGER by Michael Engler, Joelle Tourlonias


A little boy, well, tiger actually, describes one normal tiger-day: Waking up in his nest, hunting down some cake, playing in the snow. He is as wild and majestic as you can imagine. But in the end every little tiger is happy to crawl into his tiger parents’ nest and become a cuddly tiger…


Another highlight by the popular author/illustrator duo who have created the all loved books Elephantastic! Don’t miss out on this one and get in touch!

Raising Parents

My daughter just celebrated her first birthday – a perfect time to introduce you to a new picture book by Ueberreuter Verlag:

Eltern richtig erziehen

RAISING PARENTS by Katharina Grossmann-Hensel

Everyone knows that parents aren’t perfect! So when a child first learns to talk, it’s time to pass on some kid rules. Whether it’s choosing what to wear or controlling phone etiquette, it is always important to keep parents in tow. The feisty little heroine in Katharina Grossmann- Hensel’s humorous and witty new picture book shares all of the steps required for effective Parent-Raising. In the end, she decides not be too demanding, even to give her parents a hug and kiss. And when a tiny sibling is born, the fun will begin all over again! Zany episodes from „normal“ family life enhanced by wacky illustrations. The perfect gift for stressed-out parents, too!

Raising Parents

Please get in touch for further details. We have a full English sample translation.



Bologna Highlight – Mozart and Robinson

One of the most popular picture books in Bologna was Magellan’s adorable story of MOZART AND ROBINSON by Gundi Herget and Nikolai Renger.

Mozart und Robinson

When field mouse Robinson and house mouse Mozart meet for the first time, they immediately pick a quarrel: While Robinson insists that the moon is made of cheese, Mozart is positive it’s made of stone. To prove their respective point, they build a rocket to fly to the moon – at least that’s their plan… A funny and colourful picture book about friendship and a big adventure.

Please do get in touch for further details.

Important topic – Dementia

More and more people all over the world have Dementia – in Germany alone more than 1.4 million people are living with Alzheimer’s, worldwide at least 44 million. It is not just themselves who have to cope with it – their children and grandchildren may struggle to understand what is happening and how to help or make the best out of the situation. Two of the publishers I represent have noticed the importance of this topic and here are their two books which might make it easier for young children to realise what is happening to their beloved parents/grandparents.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 16.59.44

THE WORDS ARE FLYING (Nilpferd Verlag)

An inimitable sensitive picture book story told by Jutta Treiber, with gorgeously delicate illustrations by Nanna Prieler. The words fly – first from Grandma to Pia. The bigger Pia gets, the more words have come to her. But over time, Grandma can’t remember all the words and their meaning. Can they return to her? With astonishing cleverness, getting older and forgetting are woven into a narrative that enchants with truthfulness, hope, poetry and un unexpected perspective!


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 17.06.32


Dementia seen through the eyes of a child and told in an endearing story by Uticha Marmon. 8-year-old Mia lives in Hamburg. When an apartment becomes vacant on one of the lower floors, her parents decide that Mia’s great grandfather, who suffers increasingly from old-age dementia, shall move in, so that they can be near him. Mia loves her ‘Granpapa’ and doesn’t think it’s terrible at all that he’s getting more and more forgetful. Now, indeed, she will be able to remind him how to tie his shoes and that he shouldn’t clean his teeth with hand cream. But Granpapa is not alone – a mysterious boy, who seems to be a bit old-fashioned, keeps cropping up. Soon Mia understands: Berti ist Granpapa’s younger self, that has somehow got off the lead in Granpapa’s life and is now causing all this confusion … A truly unusual and wonderful title!

Please let me know if you would like to get further details!

The perfect picture book!

Once in a while, along comes the perfect picture book, bearing the hallmarks of a true classic…

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 21.26.42

LILY AND BEAR by Lisa Stubbs

is such a book. Lily loves Bear and Bear loves Lily. Lily loves to draw – and one day she draws Bear. Lily and Bear are best friends. And being friends means taking turns. So some of the day they do Lily things and some of the day they do Bear things. A truly magical book about the give and take of friendship.

The cute story and wonderful illustrations make this title a real treasure! Please get in touch to find out more!

One of my personal favourites!



by Michael Engler/Joelle Tourlonias

A fantastic picture books with impressive pictures by a young, in-demand illustrator! Imagination and reality blend together in expressive images. Have a look yourself!

A big parcel arrives – how exciting! Anton carefully opens the wrapping and discovers a talking stuffed elephant inside it. He can hardly believe his luck and sets off on an adventurous expedition with his new friend. Together, they climb Mount Kilimanjaro, meet lions in the steppes and swing from vine to vine in the jungle…

The book has 32 pages and after its big success and a stunning Kirkus review, the follow up title will be published this year as well.

Let me know if you would like to see more and I’m happy to take you to the fantastic world of Anton and his fluffy friend.