Alea Aquarius – Oetinger’s bestselling series 10+

ALEA AQUARIUS – 6 titlesby Tanja Stewner and illustrations Claudia CarlsA different kind of mermaid story – no fairytale, but dealing with the current issues of water pollution and climate change! An ancient, magical civilization exists underwater, long forgotten by us ordinary humans. […]

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Rulantica – Come and explore the sunken island!

Rulantica – The Sunken Islandby Michaela Hanauer and Helge Vogt240 pp, 10+ A sunken island and an ancient feud between humans and merpeople. The opening of the great two-part adventure novel.High potential for identification among both boys and girls.Brought to life by […]

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Update on our all time favourite middle grade series THE OAT CREW

We now have incredible 14 volumes in this series, it is still selling strong, with over 800,000 copies sold across all formats in Germany! We translated the full first volume into English, have several friendship/doodle albums, a puzzle, audio books and more! […]

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BIG NEWS for The Little Bad Book by Magnus Myst

I am pleased to announce that Ueberreuter have sold a quarter of a Million copies of their successful interactive series „Little Bad Book“ (8+) by Magnus Myst. And Vol. 3 is currently on the SPIEGEL-Bestseller-list (like the other two have been before […]

Germany’s bestselling Middle Grade series

THE SCHOOL OF MAGICAL ANIMALS by Margit Auer with illustrations by Nina Dulleck This is Germany’s number one middle grade series, published by Carlsen Verlag and so far sold over 3 million copies. The books have been translated into 20 languages already! […]

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Be ready for an extraordinary journey …

… be ready for THE WORLD’S EXPRESS! by Anca Sturm, published by Carlsen Verlag The rolling boarding school is a train, run by magic-technology and full of students from all over the world, who have a potential to do something heroic in […]

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Interactive adventure for young heroes!

Magnus Myst’s Little Book of Bad. This is Ueberreuter’s bestselling book, they have already sold almost 40,000 copies, it made it on the Spiegle Bestseller List and it is recommended as top-title especially for Boys (8+). We don’t know the identity of the author, Magnus Myst. Somehow he […]

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A must read for all cat lovers!

Who Would Ask a Tomcat? by Anette Herzog (published by Magellan Verlag) Aristotle is a very handsome tomcat in his prime – according to himself. And Anna and her family think that, too. At least that’s what Aristotle thought until he finds out that […]

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