Rulantica – Come and explore the sunken island!

Rulantica – The Sunken Islandby Michaela Hanauer and Helge Vogt240 pp, 10+ A sunken island and an ancient feud between humans and merpeople. The opening of the great two-part adventure novel.High potential for identification among both boys and girls.Brought to life by […]

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New Cornelia Funke!!!

FABER’S TREASURE – a new picture book by Cornelia Funke and illustrated by Susanne Goehlich One day, Faber’s grandfather, who used to be a sailor and whom everybody believes to be a bit crazy, gives him a strange present before leaving for […]

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Lotta says Hello!

Ueberreuter Verlag has just published a new feel good middle grade series which reminded me a lot of Astrid Lindgren’s Krachmacherstrasse. A jump back to my childhood and I absolutely loved it! CHESTNUT AVENUE 8 – Anna’s Secret, Sophie and Mr November by […]

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