Let’s get crafty!

Upcycling with arts and crafts! Craftwork, sewing, constructing things and making shapes that relate to the forest. They can be funny creations about the forest or made of forest materials – this book contains delightful creations which are all great for playing […]

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Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter and I hope you got some nice books from the Easter Bunny, if not, make sure you get one of these for next year! IDA by Julia Breitender and Carola Sieverding (published by Magellan Verlag) The little donkey Ida is […]

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Outstanding inspiring YA novel by Loewe Verlag

WHAT WILL I GROW UP TO BE? by Anne Krueger When she was a child, Mathilda dreamed of lots of different careers, including being the Easter Bunny, and she also wanted to become an astronaut. But, after throwing up all over her […]

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