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Please don’t open!


Please don’t open – Vicious! by Charlotte Habersack and illustrated by Fréderic Bertrand

By the best-selling author of “Pippa Pepperkorn”: A heart-warming story in which children have to help a lost creature find its way home again.

“Please don’t open!” is written on the mysterious package which Nemo receives one day. Obviously Nemo opens it … and then three things happen: 1. a greedy yeti knight jumps out, 2. it starts to snow outside – even though it’s the middle of summer, and 3. the yeti starts to grow. Really tall! Two and a half metres tall! While Nemo’s home town descends into snowy chaos, Nemo and his friends are faced with a bit of a problem: how on earth do you hide a yeti? A turbulent race against time ensues …

The second title will be published in summer 2017! Just get in touch with me for further details!

Bologna Highlight – Mozart and Robinson

One of the most popular picture books in Bologna was Magellan’s adorable story of MOZART AND ROBINSON by Gundi Herget and Nikolai Renger.

Mozart und Robinson

When field mouse Robinson and house mouse Mozart meet for the first time, they immediately pick a quarrel: While Robinson insists that the moon is made of cheese, Mozart is positive it’s made of stone. To prove their respective point, they build a rocket to fly to the moon – at least that’s their plan… A funny and colourful picture book about friendship and a big adventure.

Please do get in touch for further details.

For Your Eyes Only

We got a fantastic new YA title from Ueberreuter which got a lot of attention over the last few weeks.

For your eyes only

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY by Carolin Philipps (14+, 144pp)

SEXTING and its impact on current social media.

Encourages an awareness for sharing private data on Whats-App, Facebook, etc.


Lilly can’t believe it. Finally she is together with Jannis. But soon she worries when Jannis leaves with his graduating class for Majorca. Along is Jannis’s ex-friend, Jennifer, who is clear that she wants Jannis back at any price. So Lilly decides to send Jannis some sexy photos while he is on the trip. At first her plans seems to work, as Jannis sends her a longing message. The next day the same photos appear on Facebook with disastrous impact…Lilly is ridiculed by her entire school for posting the photos.

This is an important and worldwide relevant topic and teenagers need to be aware of the danger they can put themselves into. Carolin Philipps has written a number of ‘problem’ books for Ueberreuter Verlag. Please get in touch for further details.

Hot topic – migrants and refugees!

The migrant and refugee situation in Europe has become a very important and strong topic and it is key for children to get some kind of understanding what is going on and if possible get an insight into the mind of a child who is in this horrible situation and what it means to them and their family.


MY FRIEND SALIM by Uticha Marmon (by the German publisher Magellan Verlag, published in summer 2015) is a book which describes the friendship of a brother and a sister with a young boy from Syria. He just arrived and doesn’t speak their language, but somehow they become best friends and the two try to help him get through being homeless, alone and unwanted by many. It’s an emotional, eye-opening and at the same time funny story about friendship. The title has just been voted in the top titles about refugees and migrants for children. Please follow the link below to the full list and just let me know if you are interested in further details.

Migrants and refugees in German children’s literature

The ponies have gone wild!


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 16.30.10

is a fantastic new middle grade series from Magellan Verlag. The first two titles have been published this spring with huge success in Germany and internationally, and two further titles are following this autumn.

Pony adventures told by the ponies themselves take this popular genre to a whole new level! Suzan Kolb has created adorable and hilarious characters who go on exciting new adventures in each book – from hunting a ghost to falling madly in love. Books full of fun, friendship and adventures!

Please do get in touch for further details!