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Be ready for an extraordinary journey …

… be ready for THE WORLD’S EXPRESS!

by Anca Sturm, published by Carlsen Verlag

The rolling boarding school is a train, run by magic-technology and full of students from all over the world, who have a potential to do something heroic in their future (decades before Flinn, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Nelson Mandela were pupils there). It’s 24 wagons are separated into class rooms, sleeping cars, a library, a bistro and everything else that is necessary to make a stay as comfortable as possible. The WEX is constantly moving from one city to another. It is full of secrets.

Start of a fantastic new series with a strong female character and a magical setting!

Get in touch for more details! Quickly you don’t want to miss it! 

What is Fake News? What is Propaganda?

These and many more important questions are being answered by journalists and experts in this new series by Carlsen Verlag.


It is a non-fiction series focusing on current political and social topics initiating a thinking process and show that it is not difficult to form your own differentiated opinion about politics, social topics and the role of media.

Titles available: Fake News, Extremism, Populism, and new in 2019: Feminism

Schnabbeldiplapp – wait what?!

Schnabbeldiplapp – the new picture book by Günther Jakobs (published by Carlsen Verlag)

A heartwarming and funny story about a little duck that doesn’t know how to swim and that doesn’t want to learn it. When he meets Henry the swan, Henry immediately decides to change this and drives the little duck to a swimming pool. There, every bear, rabbit, dog and sheep is happily swimming around. It takes some time, but Henry convinces the little duck to try it too. In the end, the little duck is enjoying the water so much, it doesn’t even want to leave it again.

Next title: Klingelding!

New Cornelia Funke!!!


FABER’S TREASURE – a new picture book by Cornelia Funke and illustrated by Susanne Goehlich

One day, Faber’s grandfather, who used to be a sailor and whom everybody believes to be a bit crazy, gives him a strange present before leaving for his retirement in the US. He gives him a carpet, a magic carpet. Faber only has to read the words out loud which are embroidered on the carpet and it will take him wherever he would like to. There is just one problem: nobody seems to be able to read the words – until Faber meets a girl from Syria who is able to help. She reads the words aloud and suddenly the carpet lifts off and the children fly away on it.

A declaration of love to the diversity of our world! Get in touch for further details!

Please don’t open!


Please don’t open – Vicious! by Charlotte Habersack and illustrated by Fréderic Bertrand

By the best-selling author of “Pippa Pepperkorn”: A heart-warming story in which children have to help a lost creature find its way home again.

“Please don’t open!” is written on the mysterious package which Nemo receives one day. Obviously Nemo opens it … and then three things happen: 1. a greedy yeti knight jumps out, 2. it starts to snow outside – even though it’s the middle of summer, and 3. the yeti starts to grow. Really tall! Two and a half metres tall! While Nemo’s home town descends into snowy chaos, Nemo and his friends are faced with a bit of a problem: how on earth do you hide a yeti? A turbulent race against time ensues …

The second title will be published in summer 2017! Just get in touch with me for further details!

Small books, big topics – Over and Under

OVER AND UNDER by Doris Ruebel, published by Carlsen Verlag, is a small board book with incredible 98 pages for children to learn opposites.

Drunter und drueber

Stunning illustrations and loads to discover!

Everything has two sides or even more! This is over und this is under, that is big and this is small. Somebody is frightened, another one brave… This books shows opposites and brings the little one a step closer to understanding the big wide world.

There are further titles by different illustrators in this series of small chunky board books with almost 100 pages. Please get in touch for further details.



Rico and Oscar

A fantastic middle grade series by Andreas Steinhoefel, illustrated by Peter Schoessow.

Rico and Oscar

Rico lives with his mother in Berlin and describes himself as »lowly gifted«. When he meets the highly gifted Oskar the two unlikely friends haven’t an inkling that they will soon play major parts in a kidnapping case. During the search for the victim, Rico turns out to be quite a shrewd investigator!

There are three titles in the series and we got a huge fan who sent in a video telling you why you have to buy this book: Link (in English)


CORINE Jugendbuchpreis 2008: “A wonderful book about friendship, which has the clever-naïve congeniality of Forrest Gump, as well as the magic of Kästner’s, Emil und die Detektive.”

Erich-Kästner-Preis for Literature 2009:
“[An author] whose numerous children’s and young adult’s titles, as well as his authorial résumé, has affinities to Erich Kästner’s works,” (from the statement of the jury).

Please get in touch for further details.

Lester and Bob


Lester und BobLester und bob 2

This is the story of two friends. This is the story of Lester and Bob. Lester is popular with everybody. Lester always has something to talk about and he has a lot of suggestions for Bob how the next adventure could look like. Lester is a duck. Bob is Lester‘s friend. Bob doesn‘t talk much at all. Bob‘s never in a hurry. Bob is all right. Bob‘s a bear.

And we got some exciting news in Bologna as well: The Italian edition has just won the Premio Orbil 2016! Here is a link to the webpage: PREMIO ORBIL

Aladin Verlag has published two titles so far of these two hilarious characters.