U-NO-CORN and other stories by bestselling author Marc-Uwe Kling

THE UNICORN THAT LOVED SAYING NOThe new picture book by Marc-Uwe Kling, illustrated by Astrid Henn! Everyone in the Hearty Forrest is overwhelmed with joy when a cute little unicorn sees the light of day. But this unicorn is unlike any other. […]

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Germany’s bestselling Middle Grade series

THE SCHOOL OF MAGICAL ANIMALS by Margit Auer with illustrations by Nina Dulleck This is Germany’s number one middle grade series, published by Carlsen Verlag and so far sold over 3 million copies. The books have been translated into 20 languages already! […]

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Be ready for an extraordinary journey …

… be ready for THE WORLD’S EXPRESS! by Anca Sturm, published by Carlsen Verlag The rolling boarding school is a train, run by magic-technology and full of students from all over the world, who have a potential to do something heroic in […]

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