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Please don’t open!


Please don’t open – Vicious! by Charlotte Habersack and illustrated by Fréderic Bertrand

By the best-selling author of “Pippa Pepperkorn”: A heart-warming story in which children have to help a lost creature find its way home again.

“Please don’t open!” is written on the mysterious package which Nemo receives one day. Obviously Nemo opens it … and then three things happen: 1. a greedy yeti knight jumps out, 2. it starts to snow outside – even though it’s the middle of summer, and 3. the yeti starts to grow. Really tall! Two and a half metres tall! While Nemo’s home town descends into snowy chaos, Nemo and his friends are faced with a bit of a problem: how on earth do you hide a yeti? A turbulent race against time ensues …

The second title will be published in summer 2017! Just get in touch with me for further details!

One of my new favourites – I’m a Tiger

I’M A TIGER by Michael Engler, Joelle Tourlonias


A little boy, well, tiger actually, describes one normal tiger-day: Waking up in his nest, hunting down some cake, playing in the snow. He is as wild and majestic as you can imagine. But in the end every little tiger is happy to crawl into his tiger parents’ nest and become a cuddly tiger…


Another highlight by the popular author/illustrator duo who have created the all loved books Elephantastic! Don’t miss out on this one and get in touch!

Rico and Oscar

A fantastic middle grade series by Andreas Steinhoefel, illustrated by Peter Schoessow.

Rico and Oscar

Rico lives with his mother in Berlin and describes himself as »lowly gifted«. When he meets the highly gifted Oskar the two unlikely friends haven’t an inkling that they will soon play major parts in a kidnapping case. During the search for the victim, Rico turns out to be quite a shrewd investigator!

There are three titles in the series and we got a huge fan who sent in a video telling you why you have to buy this book: Link (in English)


CORINE Jugendbuchpreis 2008: “A wonderful book about friendship, which has the clever-naïve congeniality of Forrest Gump, as well as the magic of Kästner’s, Emil und die Detektive.”

Erich-Kästner-Preis for Literature 2009:
“[An author] whose numerous children’s and young adult’s titles, as well as his authorial résumé, has affinities to Erich Kästner’s works,” (from the statement of the jury).

Please get in touch for further details.

Bologna Highlight – Mozart and Robinson

One of the most popular picture books in Bologna was Magellan’s adorable story of MOZART AND ROBINSON by Gundi Herget and Nikolai Renger.

Mozart und Robinson

When field mouse Robinson and house mouse Mozart meet for the first time, they immediately pick a quarrel: While Robinson insists that the moon is made of cheese, Mozart is positive it’s made of stone. To prove their respective point, they build a rocket to fly to the moon – at least that’s their plan… A funny and colourful picture book about friendship and a big adventure.

Please do get in touch for further details.

The ponies are loose!

As every year Frankfurt has been crazy busy, interesting, exciting and full with lovely people! I will soon present some highlights here, but first of all some big news:

Magellan Verlag launched a mini trailer for their incredible successful series ‘DIE HAFERHORDE‘ (The Oat gang) at the fair which can now be viewed online as well. Follow the link below and have a look! It’s hilarious!



More details: Have a look here or get in touch!

The ponies have gone wild!


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 16.30.10

is a fantastic new middle grade series from Magellan Verlag. The first two titles have been published this spring with huge success in Germany and internationally, and two further titles are following this autumn.

Pony adventures told by the ponies themselves take this popular genre to a whole new level! Suzan Kolb has created adorable and hilarious characters who go on exciting new adventures in each book – from hunting a ghost to falling madly in love. Books full of fun, friendship and adventures!

Please do get in touch for further details!